Car Cleaning Tips for This Summer

Keeping your car clean is a great way to improve your experience and comfort behind the wheel, and can also help preserve the resale value of your car. Aside from simply picking up trash from the backseat, keep the following car cleaning tips to keep in mind the next time you have time to clean out your car.

cleaning the interior of a car

According to Buzzfeed, one of the best things you can do is clean out the vents. Many cars come with in-cabin air filters that need to be changed every few years, but you can also clean the vents themselves using paint brushes or foam brushes. Add compressed air and you can get those hard to reach spots. In some vehicles, the vent covers come off to make it easy to do thorough cleaning. By cleaning the vents, you get rid of musty odor and preserve that new car smell.

Next, get rid of pet fur with a squeegee and spray bottle. By gently misting the seats with water and scraping the rubber squeegee across the seats, many pet owners find that fur comes right out. You can also wear latex glove and rub your hand on the upholstery to lift fur before vacuuming.

To get dirt and gunk off vinyl, rub surfaces with a Magic Eraser or any other melamine-based foam. This “eraser” is a crystalline material that can be combined with other ingredients to make a foam that cleans surfaces by simply adding water.

Have a leather dash? You can condition leather using olive oil. This is best on surfaces you don’t normally touch—like the dash—and you should avoid putting it on the steering wheel or shift knob. However, olive oil is a great leather conditioner that keeps the material hydrated and protected.

Finally, you can clean water spots off the windshield using 0000-level steel wool. This is the finest steel wool on the market (do NOT use any other), and it will polish glass windows better than many other materials.

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