Get a Grip: Buy Winter Tires for Added Safety

buy winter tires

Why should you consider winter tires? There are several reasons drivers opt for winter tires every year, all of which have to do with handling and safety. While it may seem like a hassle to change out your tires on an annual basis, there are serious benefits to having winter tires that every driver should consider before hitting the road.

One of the best reasons to buy winter tires is for their thick tread. Winter tires are made to give you grip on slippery surfaces like ice and snow and can also increase stopping power. Plus, the tread on winter tires is designed with special grooves to divert water and prevent hydroplaning—one of the many dangers on the road this winter.

Another reason to buy winter tires is that they are made with a special rubber. Rubber materials tend to become hard and inflexible in cold weather, but winter tires are built to resist especially cold climates. That means you’ll get better handling and even get a reduced risk of blowouts or punctures.

Many areas in Canada offer incentives for having winter tires, such as insurance and financing discounts. For example, if you get insurance through a private company in Ontario, you may be entitled to a discount. Stop by Gananoque Buick GMC Cadillac to get winter tires today.