Auto-Related New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Car

For most people, coming up with a New Year’s resolution can be difficult. That’s why we at Gananoque Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac have created a list of tips for New Year’s resolutions to ensure that your new 2018 vehicle lasts. From changing the oil regularly to avoiding speeding, there are a few things you can do to be a better car owner and driver.

  • Keep up with routine maintenance: According to Green Living, this is one of the most difficult things for owners to remember. This includes oil changes every three to five months and regular inspections. Skimping on oil changes may not have an immediate effect, but it can have drastic effects on your vehicle down the road.
  • Budget: It’s difficult to get regular maintenance and repairs sometimes, especially if you don’t have the money. That’s why it’s important to set aside a little money from each paycheck for potential auto repairs. Even if it’s just $10 a month, that can add up over time to help make expenses less of a burden. With money on hand for repairs, you’re more likely to fix your car when needed.
  • Clean out your car: Get a fresh start by emptying out all the junk in your trunk and cleaning out all of the garbage beneath the seats. Don’t forget to detail the inside and give the outside a good wash, especially if your car has been through salt or snow.
  • Take it somewhere new: Treat yourself to a fun road trip with family or friends in 2018 by driving your car to a new place. It could be in your own city, it could be another province, or it could even be down to the States.
  • Drive the speed limit: This is tricky for some people, but exceeding the speed limit is not only unsafe, but it also reduces fuel economy. If you want to save gas, avoid harmful emissions, and be safer on the road, try not to speed when driving. Plus, speeding rarely improves your time of arrival; for most drivers, speeding is just a bad habit and nothing more.
  • Stop texting and driving: If you have this habit, it is likely the worst that you have. Prioritize the safety of everyone on the road by putting your phone down.

If you want to start off the New Year with a new 2018 vehicle, stop by Gananoque Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac to see everything General Motors has to offer.